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Chocolate Frosted Keto Cake Donut

2019-06-13: Shared our recipe for Fried Coconut Oil Keto Cake Donuts!

Keto Garden 2019

2019-06-12: Our ketogenic, organic vegetable garden is thriving!

Keto Maple Glaze

2019-06-11: Shared our recipe for Keto Maple Glaze!!! So Sweet!!!

2019-06-06: Shared The Keto Perspective #1.

2019-06-04: Shared our recipe for dairy free low carb frozen custard. Yum!

2019-05-29: Shared our recipe for keto friendly Creamy Curry Chicken.

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5-28-2019: Another Transformation Tuesday! Celebrating Kay’s Graduation!

05-07-2019: Transformation Tuesday Time!

04-16-2019: Seeing the changes that we have made always amazes me!

04-11-2019: Our vegetable garden is up and growing this year! We can hardly wait for the tasty eats!

04-09-2019: Another Transformation Tuesday. Medieval Fair of Norman 2017 vs 2019.

Transformation Tuesday

04-02-2019: Our Family a few years ago in the photo above, and below is this last weekend after running a 5k!

03-19-2019: Transformation Tuesday is upon us again! 2016 vs 2019.

03-05-2019: Transformation Tuesday Again! Almost a year since we started our weight loss journey, and still going.

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