Building a Better Life Begins Now.

Thanks for joining us!

Surviving in the ever floundering middle class of modern America often seems like an impossible mountain to climb.

How do you maintain a budget, lose weight, raise healthy kids, be a good person, and still keep your sanity fed?

It begins here, like the amazing sunset at our local lake where we go to unwind and recharge, life is beautiful and peaceful when you take the time to enjoy it.

Taking the time can seem impossible when you literally have none, and I am one of those people who others say seems to always be busy with something, but I can tell you that I no longer feel endlessly overwhelmed by the chaos of life (not that the kids don’t challenge that, because they will, and they do).

But having reached a point in life where I am happy with my weight, feel energetic, am living healthy, am healing from past lifestyle choices, have a functional budget, and have time for myself and my family. I wanted to share what I have found with others who are struggling to find that for themselves.

The first step, is deciding to change something, and then going for it. And that begins here.

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