Easy Homemade Chocolates: Low Carb, Sugar Free and Gluten Free.

These healthier chocolates are a great treat, and fun for the kids to make. But seriously, think hard on whether you want your kids to know how to make their own chocolates at home, you’ll never be able to keep cocoa powder in your house again!

This recipe couldn’t be easier, and will make chocolates that are ready ten minutes after they’re in the fridge, and they’ll be gone in half the time after that!

Before you begin, you’ll need something to use as a mold for your chocolate- either a candy bar mold (more available than you might think), a silicone mold (available everywhere it seems), or, if these aren’t available, then a small heat safe dish or baking pan lined with parchment paper will work in a pinch.

This recipe doesn’t include any lecithin, because it’s not really necessary for a simple homemade chocolate treat and just adds that unnecessary candle-wax texture and changes the flavor. The result of not using lecithin is a chocolate mixture that’s rather thick and starts to cool quickly, so you’ll want your mold ready to go just as soon as your mixture is done.

Additionally, this is a compound chocolate, meaning not 100% chocolate because we aren’t using cocoa butter. The result is a chocolate bar that absolutely will melt in your hand before you can get it in your mouth, so be sure to keep them chilled until you are ready to eat them.


  • 2 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 Tbsp cocoa powder
  • 2 Tbsp powdered erythritol (you can make powdered erythritol by using a grinder, such as a coffee grinder, or use Swerve Confectioners, which is our personal preference)


  1. Put some water in a small sauce pan, the exact amount is not important, but about a cup, place a bowl on the sauce pan: ideally, it should rest on the rim, do not let any water into the bowl.
  2. Add the coconut oil to the bowl and heat to melt.
  3. While the oil is melting, add the powdered swerve and cocoa powder in a small bowl. Mixing with a fork, be sure to remove any clumps.
  4. Once the oil is melted, immediately remove from heat and add the cocoa mixture to the oil while continuously stirring with a fork.
  5. When the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and smooth, pour the chocolate mixture into the mold of your choice.
  6. Chill in fridge until set and hardened. This should take about 10 minutes to set, times may vary depending on thickness of the chocolate in the mold, and temperature.
  7. Remove from mold and enjoy!

Nutrition Information

Servings per Batch1 Chocolate Bar
Serving Size1 Chocolate Bar
Fat29.4 g
Protein2.2 g
Net Carbs2.6 g



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