A Path to a Better Life

Life has taken an amazing turn for me. I am filled with a happiness I never thought I’d find. But here it is. My heart is full and I feel very good about the changes I have made in my life.
A year ago I never would have ventured out of my house, let alone my bedroom in anything other than a pair of jeans & a baggy T-shirt. Today, thanks to keto and the strong support of my amazing husband, Ryan, I find myself wandering Nashville in a pair of yogapants and (Shameless plug for one of my favorite musicians, Avi Kaplan) a warm and comfortable hoodie, about to make the 10.5 hour trek back home to Ry & my girls.

Photo by Kim Raduege
Photo by Kim Raduege
Photo by Kim Raduege
Photo by Kim Raduege

So, what is next for me? We have changed our lifestyle to live nearly completely sugar free. We eat only naturally occurring sugar and carbs from veggies and small fruits and berries as we continue our keto lifestyle. Now it is time to start moving more and working on physical fitness as best I can. I think we’ll start with just walking and see where that goes.

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